TransportationCamp West

TransportationCamp West is happening on March 19-20 in San Francisco. I plan to attend. It is an unconference about “transportation and technology”, two of my favorite things. It’s free, but there is a wait list, now.

Since nearly all of my clients are location-based community organizations, a lot of the things I will build this year have to do with mapping and using data that is useful in a locative context. So, I have a lot of hopes that I will get some leads or meet some interesting people to hack with there.

I am a total n00b at mapping, only understanding the basic ideas behind it. However, I am pretty good at unconferences, so I think that I will be fine; I am do well when asking strangers lots of questions. :slight_smile:

If you are going, ping me somehow. We can meet up sometime over the weekend, or BART over together!