Discover online mapping

With the conversation happening at "Why OpenStreetMap is in Serious Trouble" - On Topic - WIFO Discourse, I’ve determined I just don’t know enough about mapping.

I want to using mapping in my documentation, so being able to, for instance, mark all the places I’ve discussed, would be very useful. However, to do this relatively simple presentation, I’d need to lean on Google, or a broad base of companies and projects that all kinda obfuscate who owns the data, how it ought to be used, etc.

So I need to take a deep dive, look at what a “map” actually is, and find the FOSS projects to support.

Clover and I are gonna start walking around Oakland, so this will become immediately important to us.

Well, I really deep-dived this subject. I’ve deployed several online mapping tools, so… ask me anything! :slight_smile:

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