Wait Until 8th - Smartphones / Child Development / 8th Grade

I am not a parent. I have known a number friends who are parents wrestle with the best age of for introducing a smartphone. My immediate family is also non-traditional and while Ive been a professional in the working world for quite a bit of time, my mother is currently raising an adopted brother who has just entered high school; and it’s an issue she is wrestling with too.

I don’t know I agree or disagree with the “Wait until the 8th” proposal. But im curious about what any other parents think. I don’t know what consensus there is (if any) out in the hive mind.

I have a 6 and 4.5yr old. They can occasionally watch a short video, or look at pictures on one of our phones, but that’s it.

As to when my kids get a phone of their own, that is a huge, like epicly huge discussion. The short version is, I like the idea of them just having phone + SMS support, but no data plan. I would prefer my kids to experience the internet, learning about the internet via a laptop or desktop. I can’t tell if that is strongly my own bias or if it’s rooted in something more useful.

ugh. for me, this is an endless scrolling list of citation required. i have kids. we limit device time. but being urged to take a “pledge” based on a bunch of scare quotes is a yucky feeling. kind of feels like an anti-vax site, or any other kind of conspiracy theory marketed at scared parents.

i like the social component (once 10 families in your kids class sign the pledge you all get notified so you can be accountability buddies for each other) but I think I’d be more receptive to a social site that enabled conversation between local parents about how they are dealing with devices, without judgement and with actual research.