want to join my Habitica "Group" ?

Anyone interested in joining my Habitica Group? I just started it and @annietuna’s in it! And a few friends. It’s $9/mo for me, the group leader, plus $3/mo per additional person. If you’d like, tell me! And you can just try it out and if you like it, you can stay in the group and consider throwing some dollars at me in the future.

With Groups, you get a separate group task board and you can assign tasks to yourself and other people. I’m using it so my group can keep me accountable. We’re also giving each other some freebie habits, like “click this habit to encourage each other!” that’s basically just a really easy counter for how much we check Habitica.

I’m finding it helps me a lot!

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What do you use it for?

Shopping lists as a todo: I’ll say Target then have subtasks for tp, detergent, humidifier filtet.

Reminders for myself to go to doctor’s appointments as a todo. Why isn’t a calendar sufficient? Because … I … still miss things. And I feel motivated to constantly check Habitica so if I force myself to look at a Todo to go to an appointment in five days, I can’t forget it.

Todos. All the todos. It is the only todo list I have used longer than a month.

Dailies like “brush teeth” and “put my sleep apnea machine on my fucking face” and some basic self-care ones like “make your bed” and “change your clothes” and “look at yourself in the mirror. say aloud today is going to be a great day” that I got from a public Habitica challenge.

Habits like “eat a vegetable” and “wash a dish.” I just added some that are like “catch yourself criticizing yourself” and “change a thought from negative to positive” because CBT. Others have habits that are negative that you’d subtract health for, like “bite my nails.” I have some negative and positive habits, like “on time.”

You collect pets and costumes by clicking that you did positive habits, or clicking done todos, so I keep returning to the app to click them. I have a really cute Octopus mount and an Axolotl pet and I’m wearing awesome mermaid gear.

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