We can talk about WordPress here

I got a strange response on WPChat, a Discourse instance:

I couldn’t disagree more with this. Of course you can make money off your blog.

The quote they are responding to was when I said:

Please don’t try to make money off your blog.

I don’t understand what they are disagreeing with (I wasn’t expecting someone to disagree with a plead), but WPChat is primarily used by folks trying get rich quick schemes via WordPress, and that person responding to me is the maintainer of that community. So I’m done there.

Instead, I’m going to invite #wordpress discussion here on talkgroup.

Two natural groups exist:

Choose one for discussion, another for support. I think we have it covered now. Enjoy. :slight_smile:


You should now talk about WordPress on https://v2.talkgroup.xyz! computing - talkgroup makes sense for WordPress chat. :slight_smile: