What are good chat games to play?

Okay, so now we have a stable jabber server to host persistent rooms. And they can be public or private. We have membership levels, all kinds of weird things. So we’ll have options figuring it out as we go.

Right now I wanna ask: what are cool games we can play in chat, right now? :slight_smile:

Like, wanna play a tabletop RPG? I’m down, we can just figure out the dice. Or maybe there is some kind of conversational game, similar to werewolf? I don’t even know how to search for this stuff. So let’s discuss!

Also, we can create sub-categories of #gaming, for a campaign or group. I always figured a game group could use a persistent private group chat and a public-readable, member-writeable forum to document the game. We can do that! :star_struck: