What happens after allthe.codes?

Okay, Let’s talk about git hosting. Specifically, https://allthe.codes.

That is running GitLab. It is a pain to run by myself. And now I’m asking, why am I hosting it?

For many years I was trying to land on a git hosting place that seemed cool, and for a while Gitorious was it. And when it went away I decided to just run my own community git hosting site. But I never really went anywhere with it. I mean, I’ve done a lot of work there, but even that isn’t great: most of my clients don’t use git, or need to look at code for their jobs. It works so-so as an issue tracker, but other folks don’t have issues, they have tasks, and it is a different beast of management.

So now I am having this revolution of mind, and it seems to me that I don’t actually need anything GitLab provides. I don’t need:

  • an issue tracker
  • kanban board
  • wiki
  • comments
  • users
  • merge requests
  • CI runners

All I need is a place to put my code for others to copy, and as a huge bonus be able to see easily. I do like GitLab as a repo viewer. But then there is Gitea and Gitolite, both of which probably do enough of what I want.

I keep thinking I just need a tiny Gitea instance that is mirroring your code and you can mirror mine, and we can still send patches to each other, and I train my clients to write better email.


I 100% agree. I was thinking about this last night weirdly enough. Gitlab just does so much of what we do not need.

Gitea looks good. Gogs also looked good; when I was looking at feature list it seemed to do all we wanted.

Either way Go FTW. :slight_smile:

I am thinking something, maybe code.interi.org (that used to be the address to a Gitorious instance!). I am leaning towards gitea, just because apparently the fork is over community versus one dev.

Maybe I’ll use git.interi.org instead, since that is really what it is.

But specifically, there is a mirroring feature, so I will be happy to start mirroring all my peeps’ repos! :slight_smile:

Oh. I wasn’t aware. Ok yes definitely that makes sense.

I’m curious if gitea renders checklists… Will look tomorrow!

Also I kinda like the git subdomain.

This just popped up. Now I am leaning towards cgit - A hyperfast web frontend for git repositories written in C., since a static page with a cloneable URL is all I really want, and I am done with packages adding “good defaults” instead of opt-in.

I went to export some issues from a project, so I could use them for reference later. I thought I’d be able to just export to CSV… oh look, Export Issues to CSV | GitLab.

The kicker? Of course exporting to CSV is apparently enterprise enough to be part of the paid version of GitLab.

@tim I don’t want to run a git hosting site on my own. I am probably going to let this lapse for a bit, until I need something.

I’m up for setting up cgit on allthe.codes, if someone wants to co-maintain and help pay for it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I can understand that. I am actively working on my Raspberry Pi hosting funtimes over here. Once it’s all working I could host it here.

Thanks! That could work.

It will be interesting to see how we organize repos in cgit. Check out the front page of the project site: https://git.zx2c4.com/

These fancy git issue apps give everyone their personal namespace, but we’ll have to be cooler than that. It actually kinda works, because then I’ll only share what is really important.