Migrating from GitHub to GitLab

Well, allthe.codes is a permanent and public instance of GitLab. It is ideal for public projects like this, and if you can’t set it up as you like it is because I haven’t configured it as such because no one else is using it. :slight_smile:

Also, if you give me a high-level overview of how it installs (even if it is just “put the files somewhere and link to a database”), I will start playing with it and write some tutorials on how to install it on different hosts (Digital Ocean, DreamHost, that kinda thing).

I’ll write up an INSTALL tonight for it. I’d love to hear your experience installing it! And some tutorials would be dope.

I am 99% sure I want to move it to allthe.codes. How do people normally move a repo? Clone it somewhere, then on gtihub they push a commit where everything is deleted except for a readme saying all project info + code is now at https://example.com?

@maiki I added some bare bones INSTALL docs!

Ohh, that preview discourse pulls in is nice. :slight_smile:

@tim I added the GitHub importer to allthe.codes. Per the docs for migrating from GitHub

At its current state, GitHub importer can import:

  • the repository description (GitLab 7.7+)
  • the Git repository data (GitLab 7.7+)
  • the issues (GitLab 7.7+)
  • the pull requests (GitLab 8.4+)
  • the wiki pages (GitLab 8.4+)
  • the milestones (GitLab 8.7+)
  • the labels (GitLab 8.7+)
  • the release note descriptions (GitLab 8.12+)
  • References to pull requests and issues are preserved (GitLab 8.7+)
  • Repository public access is retained. If a repository is private in GitHub it will be created as private in GitLab as well.

So that is cool. :slight_smile:

As for best practice, I don’t think it is a big deal for a project that hasn’t been very established in the public thus far. You can delete the project on GitHub, or leave a message saying it is being developed elsewhere, or even automate mirroring it from GitLab (or vice-versa).

If I started a project I would just move it to GitLab and be done, because folks can still clone it and do whatever, and I don’t particularly care about the “social coding” aspect of GitHub; I don’t think everyone should code in one place, hence why I appreciate GitLab as competition.

Here is what I am thinking, though: create the nickelpinch project at allthe.codes, and create a repo for the website. Let’s figure out how to build that programatically, with full deployment, and then in doing so we can decide if it has benefits for you to host the main project there. :slight_smile:


I was taking a look, but it appears allthe.codes is in ‘must log in to see anything’ mode. Are you going to be making it show public repos? I am not sure how that works with Gitlab. Our internal one here as DH requires user to be logged in also.

Yeah, I think I’ll just put a ‘nickelpinch has moved here!’ note in GitHub and move it to Gitlab.

Yeah, that is the default page, but in the footer it has a link to https://allthe.codes/explore, which lists the projects on the instance. There is also https://allthe.codes/public, which is basically the same thing, but better defaults that /explore.

There are hacks to get those pages to show differently, but I’ve never messed with them. All public projects and related items are findable, such as https://allthe.codes/u/maiki, so it works for my purposes.

Is that a concern for ya? We can look into it if so.

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