GitLab Cycle Analytics

Among the changes around GitLab coming on the heels of a major round of capital, they’ve introduced this idea of cycle analytics into the product. They posted a feature highlight going into the details of what that means for the next release.

I find this fascinating, but again I am not really in the demo this is geared towards, because I work alone, and I really don’t measure my progress like that.

But maybe I ought to? I was hoping to discuss this with folks working on teams, so maybe @judytuna or @tim have some insight on this? Any dev peeps know how this will affect their planning?

This could be huge for my team. We do not have a good workflow in place currently for new projects. We use Pivotal, and I really don’t like it. It’s supposed to help us calculate a velocity of taking care of things, but bugs and chores types don’t receive points, so they don’t get included in velocity calculations. It’s really stupid.

I could see Cycle Analytics being useful for all sorts of projects, even non-code related. Launching a new site, and having issues and tasks like writing copy x,y,z, etc.

I’m going to push to get our GitLab instance updated ASAP so we can start using this.

I kinda regret choosing, because I keep using GitLab for a variety of non-code reasons. If I ran a company, I would definitely have this set up to contain all the essential business docs.

Plenty of room to re-appropriate code for non-programming purposes.

The first definition at code - Wiktionary applies to anything stored as bits.

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