Taiga: Agile/Project FOSS

A recent update to Taiga looked impressive, so I wanted to share it here in case anyone else is looking for an Agile or PM web FOSS.

I really like it, though most of the functionality I need I get from Phabricator (at guild.works). But Taiga has some sweet kanban action, and I am always looking for a reason to test it out. :slight_smile:

David took Taiga’s powerful API and implemented a full featured TAIGA console client using ncurses libraries. Result: a computing beauty circa 1975.

Well, I love that.

I find the project management stuff in Phabricator a little cumbersome, so I might try this out. Thanks for sharing!

Yeah, I had been wanting to see that TAIGA console!

I hear what you mean about Phabricator, though I bet you run into the same issues with Taiga. I don’t think it is the interface that is complex, I think all the metadata involved in tracking tasks just kinda sucks for people. You might be talking about something else, though.

I use Phabricator for my work, and most people here are not in technical positions, but once they began to grok it our work became a lot more productive. I think having to slow down and articulate and supply metadata (like project tags and priority) helps in the long run. Though supposedly that is not how Agile works (“working software over documentation”).