Kanban, LOL!

FYI, I host an instance of Wekan at https://kanban.lol/. I haven’t shared it far and wide because there aren’t any real user admin features, but I wanted to drop it here so I could point out public boards in the future.

For instance, I plan to coordinate a lot of my gaming activities in a public board at https://kanban.lol/b/NY4aRkQ273c2b9PEG/mage-party. If you currently play on our Minecraft server, register at kanban.lol, and let me know to add you to that board. :slight_smile:

User: tim

Add me! Imma going to start playing during my lunch break I think. :slight_smile:

FYI, I created a dedicated board to Minecraft at https://kanban.lol/b/kyyNM5pp6Qk37KvPb/minecraft. It has an info column, so feel free to ask questions there. :slight_smile:

Note for posterity: Wekan hasn’t had a new release since Dec. 2015: Release v0.10.1 · wekan/wekan · GitHub

In that time GitLab shipped issue boards, which kits all the spots for kanban, integrated in the dev tool I use every day. It works well! So kanban.lol is deprecated (and abandoned by me). :slight_smile: