What is trashHeap's current knot of interests? ^_^

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What is @trashHeap’s current knot of interests? :slight_smile:

Programming wise:

Lua and Scheme.

Inform7 too of course as we have discussed elsewhere.

Which is way too many honestly. I bounce around too much it’s something I ought to work on. Though I did manage to learn enough Qt in 2018 to be able to write some basic UIs and apps.

I actually did plunk down the cash for a 32blit this past year. Their slated to use an entirely lua based development model. Which means I should have plenty of motivation and a good target for lua & fennel sometime next year.


That’s really cool! I’ve always wanted to make desktop apps. But I’m not into it enough; my interests are very network based, so I spend my time in web land. A world wide web land.

Er that should read 2019. The new year is already fucking with my brain and it isn’t here yet.

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