Where and how do you keep music?

Continuing the discussion from In the beginning… a filesystem:

Similar to Where do you keep roms?, but for musical consideration.

This is kinda weird, because naming stuff is not as unique as it is in gaming (I believe). I suppose people sort by artist/album as a high-level directory scheme. I plan on using Picard, the MusicBrainz metadata tagger thing, and I can have it process and place the files, which would be great; I used to used two different apps to do that, after moving them into place!

Since I plan on testing Opus as a primary play format, I’ll be experimenting for a while, but once I have a sense of it I’ll be placing all the lossless files in a cold storage system, while distributing the practical play files far and wide.

What is a good set for music? What about things that don’t easily fall into “artist/album”?

Going with basic artist/release, following a lot of how MusicBrainz is setup.

[maiki@lime]$ tree /srv/music/
└── BT
    └── Ima
        ├── 1-01 BT - Nocturnal Transmission.opus
        ├── 1-02 BT - Quark.opus
        ├── 1-03 BT - Tripping the Light Fantastic.opus
        ├── 1-04 BT - Embracing the Future (Embracing the Sunshine mix).opus
        ├── 1-05 BT - Deeper Sunshine.opus
        ├── 1-06 BT - Loving You More (BT's Garden of Ima dub).opus
        ├── 1-07 BT - Loving You More (BT's Final Spiritual Journey).opus
        ├── 1-08 BT - Poseidon.opus
        ├── 1-09 BT - Embracing the Sunshine.opus
        ├── 2-01 BT feat. Tori Amos - Blue Skies.opus
        ├── 2-02 BT - The Delphinium Days mix.opus
        ├── 2-03 BT - Sasha's Voyage of Ima.opus
        └── 2-04 BT - Divinity.opus