Which comparable game building kits have come out since Bioware's Aurora Engine?

The Aurora Engine was of course the toolset used to build Neverwinter Nights. It is so amazing that the game is still used to this day, 13 years later, to host persistent gaming servers.

I am working on an article about the state of the self-hosted gaming server, and have my own list of engines and toolsets to check out. But I bet there are some I’ve missed. So let me know!

What I am looking for are engines that have at least most of these attributes, though I am interested in all game engines, so notable artifacts that don’t hit all of them are okay, too:

  • Self-hosted game servers (either locally hosted, or on a stand-alone server)
  • Building tools (with or without user-generated assets)
  • Playable rulesets (interested in those without, but a note on which rules it adopts is useful)

As these kinds of games don’t generate ongoing income for companies, I would love to be surprised by a solid FOSS project that hits any of those marks. And let’s skip MUD engines for now; I plan to do a separate write up on those. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I have nothing to contribute, but I am eager to see the results of this. :slight_smile:

I still haven’t moved on from Aurora Engine, it’s still the top in my mind.

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