WordCamp and PayPal

I really wanted to go to WordCampSF! Alas, PayPal prohibits me.

From: maiki
Subject: PayPal
Message Body:
I am pretty sure the tickets are going to be gone by the time I get a reply, but at any rate, I can’t pay without logging into PayPal. It doesn’t give me the option. I am not sure if they have changed their policy, or it is how you folks have the form setup, but the normal process of paying with a credit card without having an account is not there.

Have fun. I hope next year there is an easier way to pay.

In reply:

Hi, thanks for your message. All WordCamp ticket sales for every WordCamp in the world are run through PayPal. We don’t have any other payment option at this time. I’m sorry this doesn’t work for your needs.

You can use a credit card though PayPal if you make an account with them. We’ll be opening more tickets during the week.


First of all, I am sure that person is super busy, so I am thankful they replied.

This is the WordCamp SF, so surely they are aware of how messed up PayPal is. If one is using PayPal internationally, then they are obviously not paying attention to the damage that PayPal can do.

That aside, it is just frustrating that there isn’t really any recourse. PayPal has been this cookie-cutter payment solution, and folks continue to marginalize potential collaborators without looking at alternatives. WordPress is software that empowers people; WordCamp is an event that excludes people. That is a bummer.