Simple Payment Buttons in Jetpack WordPress

Jetpack recently added a widget in the visual editor (a Jetpack feature), allowing one to quickly generate a PayPal payment button.

As usual when dealing with PayPal, the immediate reaction from folks that have experience with online commerce was: add Stripe support. And as usual the answer is: that is on our roadmap, but PayPal is way easier (most times there is a backhanded comment about how awful PayPal is).

We are just in a standstill with PayPal. The company has such market adoption that it has basically become a new currency and bank.

The bright side of the new button feature in Jetpack is folks using one less plugin to handle what is essentially making a shortcode with one’s email address (see, PayPal makes it easy).

Of course, most folks won’t be able to use this feature for anything aside from the most simple use case. Every organization I encounter quickly outgrows dropping PayPal buttons all over the place. Anything having inventory, deviations, or recurring payments will need a better system, and that means something like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, or GiveWP for donations.

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