A day with family

I have a weird family I live with. I work from home, so I am here all the time, but hardly anyone else is here during the times I am awake. Because most places in the US takes Thanksgiving as a holiday they were all home today.

Susan and Kimi put up their recipes for their ginger snaps and vegan banana nut bread. Susan made me a grilled cheese sandwich, which I ate with stuffing, mashed potatoes and two types of un-canned cranberry sauce stuff. She just started making me those sandwiches recently, and I am hooked. I am one wise pup.

We played Quiddler, and video games. Then we watched the Dark Knight and The Jacket. I recommend both of them, and I suggest you watch them without watching their trailers. Afterward we discussed the value of human life and torture. Until 3AM. :slight_smile:

I am thankful every day, because I got some good breaks in life, and the rest of my decisions have panned out pretty well. One is living with four great people that entertain and empower me. I just wish that we had Thanksgiving more often so they could all be house bums with me.

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