Advent culture

Clover has had trouble getting to sleep the last few nights, so I’ve taken to holding em while watching movies at night. I just watched Final Fantasy: Advent Children. I adore that movie, it has so many interesting aspects to it, and at the same time it is the ultimate gift to the fans of the game, since I am sure hardly anything makes sense without having played at least 80 hours of it.

As I was watching it I was thinking of explaining it to Clover, and then it hit me. The sad realization that I would, without consideration, even if it required me to obtain an entirely new game system, I would buy Final Fantasy 7 if they remade it. In fact, I get giddy just thinking about it.

And that is how humans become attached to made up stories about made up people in a made up world, and why all those made up things belong to all of us.