"An accurate depiction of reality"

A phrase that I hear myself repeat often is when I describe something as, or not as, “an accurate depiction of reality”. I am not really sure where I picked it up from, or if I formulated it over the years myself, but I know where the sentiment comes from. I’ve been thinking about this recently, along with how structures based on authority work, such as governments and schools.

To be honest, I’ve been considering my options for primary schooling, even though at the moment babby is between the size of an apple seed and a sweet pea. It is something that I’ve considered before, but I have a lot more interest in, suddenly.

I’ve assisted in raising four children, and have participated in the village of countless more, and I am pretty secure with how I approach “authority”. Perhaps I just have a general dislike for bossy people, but in my adult life I’ve taken the stance that children deserve to know why they have to do things. By no means am I saying this applies to every relationship and person, but by my experience any person, child or adult, responds well to understanding why we do certain things.

Of course there is a great opportunity for building a strong relationship when you explain things to a child. Just the act of doing so opens up a chance for feedback and original ideas, which off the top of my head is in the top three awesome things about hanging out with children (the other two being unconditional love and fulfilling those nagging instincts we sometimes get). The wonder of childhood, though cliche, is real. And it is easily shared for those who open themselves up to it. Explaining your reality helps you understand their reality. And that doesn’t just work on children, being observant and communicating your reality works across the board. Try it!