Arcadia Legends

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Life was full of adventure and wonder when we were younger. Sailing the high seas on ships and discovering new lands and people was just part of the normal routine as we whiled away the afternoon hours on a lazy Sunday. As everyone grows older, we lose some of that wanderlust and we get bogged down with the burdens of the world. We lose touch with our inner child that was always eager to see what was around the next bend while looking for chams. But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Arcadia Legends is the 69th FREE community game arrangement album released by OverClocked ReMix. Relive the memories of your childhood by taking a trip back in time when pirates ruled the skies and floating islands dotted the horizon. Relax as we take you on a journey through the perilous skies of Arcadia. Rediscover new lands and adventures.

Let’s celebrate the end of the 15th anniversary of this special game that holds a dear place in the hearts of its fans. Welcome back to the Skies of Arcadia!


MAN, I haven’t thought of Skies of Arcadia in a while. I need to track down a gamecube copy and dump it.

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