Are education references important for resumes?

Continuing the discussion from Resume templates for whatever it is I do:

I’ve been looking at resume examples, including the resume belonging to @tim, and the first (and only, really) insecurity that pops up for me is the education section. I’ve gone to half a dozen community colleges, and have no certifications.

That obviously doesn’t stop me from working and knowing my stuff, but when I have to document it I suddenly feel self-conscious, and want to omit it. Does that count against me? Will I be taken serious if that is missing?

I don’t believe so. If you show the various big projects you’ve worked on, things you managed, etc. Schooling is kind of a footnote, at least as far as our industry. That said, it would count against you more if you were going for a coding position.

And ugh, I really need to update my resume.