August 27, 2019

Our game of yatzhee was interrupted by workers climbing onto our balcony.

I feel very unsafe. I asked them to leave my balcony.

I called Jon M. Shahoian, CPM Lic: 00836171 at Lapham Management Company, thay said:

  • they don’t see my emails I sent on Friday and Monday
  • they weren’t at work on Friday or Monday
  • have I tried talking to the foreman and asking them to not come into my home
  • the owner of the building hired the construction crew and Lapham is not in communication with the workers entering my home

We are awaiting more correspondence. I’m seeking somewhere more restful.

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Holy fuck.

I would have called the police. That’s home invasion.

Landlords/management companies require giving 24hr notice if they need to enter the property. (I know you know this, I’m just in mild shock from this).

That’s also sketchy as hell. They should at a minimum knock on your door to say “hey owner hired us to do X, we will be on your balcony”. To not even do that… I don’t know man. That really does feel burglar-ish.

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The folks coming over my balcony, while disturbing in a general sense of that being a ninja move, are fine, except in they don’t seem to be advocating for tenant’s rights against their supervisor’s instructions. A couple of weeks ago we had someone like a supervisor agree with me they wouldn’t be working on my balcony until we’d been given notice, and they told the folks working that day.

But since then they have been coming up to my balcony and drilling in the holes and knocking stuff over. And Jon M. Shahoian, CPM Lic: 00836171 at Lapham Management Company hasn’t done anything, including emailing me after the phone call as e promised. I actually have to copy as an email accountability partner, or I won’t get a response. It is very frustrating to interact with these folks.


Clover has a yakuza gambler stance!


E didn’t like me rolling all the dice on the third roll.


It turned out all right!


Those are the happiest dice I’ve ever seen. Now I want a nice set of RPG dice in bright rainbow colors! (Even though I never play anymore)


Continuing the discussion from August 27, 2019:

Our charter school gave them to us! Gaming is part of curriculum, I just haven’t had the energy to share more (see OP). :sunglasses:

We are currently playing (in rotation):

  • Yatzhee
  • Ultimate Tic Tac Toe
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Go Fish

Personally, I’ve been playing with folks at the Hub:

  • Speed, standard playing card game
  • Set, concept math card game
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I am so sorry that happened to you.

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