Better term than "post-mortem"?

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I use “post-mortem” fairly often, and it always makes my brain flinch a little bit. Aside from when a system dies and I am reporting on it after the fact, it doesn’t make sense and seems a bit macabre. Is there a better term to use that has the same weight, meaning, “I am going to look at this seriously and report back on it”, without implying something died? :slight_smile:

Post-mortem seems pretty neutral to me, if I don’t bring the etymology into consciousness. Note how “mortem…up and running” doesn’t sound contradictory!

Compare with failure analysis. :smile:

“Post-implementation review” is a management thing, and “post-game analysis” is a sports thing. There’s probably a military version but it doesn’t occur to me at the moment. Same for term related to journaling.

Maybe there is a non-English term that is exactly right?

Or embrace the theme and say autopsy or necropsy. How about just “opsy”?

I’ll opsy once it’s up and running.

Surely there’s venture funding for opsy, or at least an ebook, webinar, and consulting gigs.

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What, use a pseudo-word to describe an every day concept? Let me check the wikae!

Given the root, yeah, makes sense. Although, I kinda like opsis as well.

I’ll opsy once it’s up and running. We’ll post the opsis in the usual places afterward.

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Yeah, opsis looks and probably sounds good.

Drop p, get reminded of another medical term in wide use (diagnosis).

Don’t know why I didn’t think of on first read, but writeup is an utterly mundane word that works, as does retrospective if more syllables are desired.

Another option that maybe implies being more helpful but (or and better) requires dropping “do a” is document.

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Awesome! All good options. And of course I love document!