Bidding on time

I have to get this out of my head so I can sleep.

I was thinking of how difficult it is to schedule for something when I have to work around Susan’s schedule. It has to do with Clover, so now if I have an appointment somewhere, I have to basically check in with Susan’s work.

I wish I could just have it all plugged into a calendar that was figuring out where the most important time should be spent. It would need a lot of parties using the same system. I imagine each person has an agenda, and that agenda has a different amount of sway on other people. So, Susan’s work has lots of sway on her, and I have a bit more (for emergencies). My doctor has a certain amount of sway over me (and we could add context, such as for developing health issues), but only affects Susan in that e sometimes needs eir take work off for my appointments.

Then, Susan’s work and my doctor’s offices layout a weekly schedule, one for work and one for appointment times. The work week will be informed by all the other employees and their considerations. The appointment slots will be informed by all the other patients’ needs. We compare the schedules and it tells Susan and I when my appointment is, and informs all the other parties of what is happening as well (with privacy considered, of course).

I doubt this will be implemented on the scale I laid out, but it is an interesting game theory, and could end up in one of my stories. How cool would it be to have a calendar that told you where you will be, and not waiting for you to tell it? :slight_smile: