cookiecutter for content repos

I split content up into separate repos for reasons. I’m about to create a bunch of them, and each needs a and COPYING, in a new repo on

So. Many. Steps.

And considering I discovered cookiecutter about 12 hours ago, it’s fascinating I think I can create a template that will ask me a few questions and then make this happen. All of it. Including the repo being created.


Oh yeah, this topic is to track how I do it. I hope! :grimacing:

Parts I need:

  • template
  • COPYING template
  • post-hook to create remote repo and push first commit

I have a rough idea for the README.

# {{ cookiecutter.collection }}

This repository is a database of {{ cookiecutter.collection }}. It's curated and used at{{ cookiecutter.collection }}.

You are encouraged to use, edit, and share the data; it is dedicated to the public domain (see [COPYING](COPYING)).

I want to add a contrib link somewhere, though, before I start pumping this repos out. So I need to write up a page at a standard URL (probably something like, and then link to it.

Is there anything missing from the README for these things? If I need to explain what a database collection of a thing is, I can also link to +io.