Creative writing RPGs that could be done on Discourse or via a Wiki

Their a bit different from regular pen and paper RPGs, and I’ve always been curious to try and play them. Seems like they could be done on existing Talkgroup/Interi infrastructure if people were interested. They also seem very asynchronous friendly, which I think suits my availability well. (Or better than a more traditional RPG I think.)

Would people be interested? It seems like too we could have a lot of fun with any of these games cast in any number of genres.


I am definitely interested; async also works best for me.

We’ve played lexicon before. Dokuwiki is great for it! I was thinking about it while researching recently. Let’s do it! I’ll geek on this tonight!

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I have a copy of De Profundis and am a big fan of it! I’d be really interested in participating in a De Profundis game…

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Lexicon sounds super fun…it makes me think of the novel Pale Fire, which is like a record of a Lexicon game played by one person with himself…


I agree! And I wanted to add: making quests and voting is the quickest way to get me to do something, aside from asking directly. So if folks want admin-level things, ask @maiki, or make a quest and vote. If folks need moderator-level things, ask @trashHeap or @tim, or make a quest and vote.

Because I personally respond well to a person asking for something, or with consensus. :slight_smile:

((Hint: all these things can be quests! And voted upon! When else is your vote going to count this much?!))

Also Microscope! Play Microscope

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