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Have you heard of Lexicon? There is a neat compilation of rules for it, and this may be something that we want to host. DokuWiki would be perfect for this kind of thing. :slight_smile:

That is pretty cool, I could see that being a really fun thing to try. Let’s do it!

And yes to DokuWiki. It’s weird when I think about it… I’ve been a DokuWiki fan for like… a decade? (I know you are too, @maiki!)

Okay, initial setup at https://divis.io. @tim, create an account there and I will make it a scholar (our usergroup for edit privilege!). Then we can discuss the namespaces and which rules we will play by. :slight_smile:

From that article: “the outline of the major points in the argument, or divisio…”

@maiki Account ‘tim’ created!

Let’s build some worlds.

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Alright @tim, you are a Scholar! I actually did this just after you posted, but I forgot to let you know. :slight_smile:

I figure we can use a namespace for a given game of Lexicon, so we can use that wiki for many games. So create a start page in a namespace and set some rules, and we can get started.

Awesome, I will do so!

I am totally frozen at deciding how it should start. I just need to write some stuff and get on with it!