Debug my deployment script rsync parameters, please!

Heya peeps! I have this weird issue, hoping it is obvious to someone else. When I update interi, I push the updates to the remote repository, where a CI runner will process the The relevant line is:

  - rsync -uavh -e ssh public/ $HOST_USER@$HOST:$HOST_DIR

The desired effect is to sync the public directory with the live host, by only changing, adding or removing files that need to be.

Instead, it is copying over the entire site. It is also leaving files that have been removed on the server. I noticed this because I am not currently rendering a page at, where you can see the timestamps for the directories comprising of the notes section:

Screenshot-2017-10-22 Index of notes

It should have removed the test-note directory, but it remains even after removing it from the content source.

I’ve tried a lot of rsync parameters, and I need new eyes on this. I can’t see what I am doing wrong, hoping someone else can see if it is obvious. :slight_smile:

I normally use the -avz flags. Of course keep the separate -e. If you run that manually, does it do whay you desire?

note I am sleep deprived. :sweat_smile: