Dec 27, 2016

I normally get a lot done between Christmas and New Year’s Day. My clients generally have that time off, so I am able to get a lot done without interruption, and can even tackle some of my backlog.

This week, however, I am recovering from a head cold. I just want to curl up in front of a heater and sleep until I am over it. Doesn’t make for very productive time…

Also, being unable to focus on anything external, it traps me into thinking about all the different things going on, particularly in American politics (and by extension international politics). I am in an accelerated despair/reconciliation process: new information comes in, I think about it, prepare for the worst, and move on.

I think another day of rest will get me as close to normal as I need to get back to work, and then I am going to start planning for the world that I can affect: my family, my town, my clients and partners. Those are the feedback loops that keep me going.