Dell XPS 13 (9343) Developer Edition

This is a notes page so I can collect the info needed to get this theoretical machine working properly. Bah.

Bios Update

Just download the A05 and put 9343_BIOS_Rev_A05.exe on a USB drive, and press F12 at boot. Choose BIOS Flash Update, and it should see the file as an option on the file select modal. The device must be plugged in to proceed. It will reboot, and it only takes a minute.

Selecting the boot file

Kinda following the directions Dell gives, I was able to select the boot file the computer needs to read to select Ubuntu from the drive. Kinda insane, I’ve never had to do that before, but once I selected it, it worked.

So far everything is working really well, and the machine is awesome. So here’s hoping nothing else breaks.

A couple issues I continue to have, but have more or less reconciled:

  • Every couple days I close it and it does the flashing light on caps-lock kernel panic.
  • Every few days the tap-to-click feature turns on my touchpad, which really messes me up for a moment.

In both cases restarting fixes it. I have hopes that future updates will solve these issues…

Just updated to A05, in hopes it solves my touchpad issues. Would be sweet if that works…