Discover Terraria

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The fact you can host your own servers, like even on linux is pretty enticing from my vantage point.

Do we need a RaspberryPi running Terraria at my house?!?!

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yes! it’s been years since i’ve meticulously carved my way through a .tiff, as my old roommate put it ^^


This is exciting!

Very popular game, apparently. If someone wants to set up a server for it, make a quest!

Available from GOG, ~300MB, and available for Linux (Ubuntu, at least).

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there was a huge update recently:

i hadn’t played since like 2013!

wait, i thought new replies weren’t allowed! i only pressed post to see what would happen (i wanted to see if it’d give me an error message). do i have a special permission that overrides this?

You probably do, Judy. But “closed” is more of a direction rather than a rule… :sunglasses: