Done with Google, too (again)

I have made a lot of compromises in the last year. One of the biggies was Google. I decided to test the waters a bit, see if I could stomach their policies, if their products made up for it.

They are turning off jabber interoperability in GTalk, replacing it with Hangouts, the chat attached to their social network.

It makes sense for them as a company. They have multiple operating systems that tie into their platform, and syncing messages between devices is awesome. It really is! That is why I was using it.

But I know better. Literally, I know of a better way to do the things that Google does. And it is aligned with my goals to make it easier to do, which means dedicating myself to the free and open ways, and letting Google go play in the silo by itself.

The toughest part is that most of my friends using GTalk instead of a normal jabber server. Jabber servers kinda suck. Step 0…