Jabber and Talk

I am setting up the SRV records to have jabber federated through Google Apps. Well, someone at Rackspace is going to set them up, since I can’t through the new panel.

I’ve made a compromise recently, and this is part of it. It is mainly where I bend to what is most useful to people, instead of what I think is the most correct, but technically challenging, way to use technology.

Most of the people I chat with use GTalk, and which means they switch between clients that can do OTR and those that can’t (like the Talk app on their Android device). I end up spending a substantial amount of time setting up my OTR settings to be overridden per account. And sometimes I start a chat session with a bunch of garbled text and a note telling the recipient to go get a real client.

The fact of the matter is that most people I chat with don’t care, and those that do can still chat with me securely (I can just switch to Pidgin or Beem).

I am also collapsing a couple dozen WordPress sites into one big ol’ multi-site setup, so running Prosody is going to either add resources to the server, or require that I add SRV records anyhow. I plan on running it on a different domain, for chatrooms, which will also be the StatusNet instance I am collapsing all the others into. That domain will be our federated/centralized space.

What the hell am I thinking?

I don’t know, I am just trying to do the right thing, and when I had a lot of time, it seemed like that was to secure everything down tight, and spend time and effort teaching people how to get through the hoops I put in their way intentionally. Now I spend my time keeping small things out of my kid’s mouth, while trying to use my skills to help people with difficult problems.

This step helps me accomplish my current priorities.