Fix GPD Win 2 Video Ribbon Cable

Wierd video flickering consistent with video ribbon cable dammage cropped up for me yesterday while I had been playing on the thing for a bit. This is a known weakness of the GPD Win 2 and most devices with clamshell designs and LCD screens. I had just upgraded it to the newest Mageia release last week too.

Preferred quest path.

See if GPD will replace the cable it if I ship it.

  • r/gpdwin had a few folks do this within the last four months or so succesfully, but I suspect my mileage may very.

Wipe personal data off it.
Ship it to them
Recieve it back

Alternate quest path.

Determine if I have tiny enough screwdrivers. If not acquire some.

  • Seriously thinking my tiniest screwdrivers I use for laptops are ill equipped for this repair based of youtube videos. I also don’t like working on devices this small. As a general rule I try to avoid it.

Consider replacing the keyboard at the same time.

  • I somehow knicked the start button good a while back. Why open a tiny machine twice when you can open it once?

Acquire replacement parts.
Perform the repair myself.

Were still negotiating shipping details but GPD has confirmed that they will repair this if I ship it in. This appears to be something they do for IndieGoGo purchased units only though, they prefer one to go through their retailer for returns/repairs otherwise.

This is a little bit surprising to me, in that this is a level of support far above and beyond what im used to when dealing with a hong kong outfit.