High tea at Lovejoy's Tearoom

We went to Lovejoy’s Tea Room, somewhat spontaneously, today. I’ve been meaning to hit up tea places within public transit distance, and this was a great start!

I am not much for taking photos of my food, but you can see Clover and I adoring our cups.

Among the tea services (you can see them on the horrendous menu, composed of images rather than text), Susan had the “Light Tea”, Clover had the “Wee Tea”, and of course I had the “High Tea”, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to provide options to Goldilocks…

Mostly for my own reference, my service included:

  • “Daily Special” Sandwich (egg salad with olives and dill)
  • Branston Pickle Chutney and Cheddar Cheese Sandwich
  • Cabbage salad with dressing
  • Scone with preserves and Devon cream
  • And for the tea: Tea Room Blend

I believe “Tea Room Blend” is a house special, with leaves from Assam and West Africa, and it was great with milk and sugar.

Clover got hot chocolate, and that may be the last time for that. While e got a Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwich, the rest was just glorious fruit and sugar. But it got to be too much, and C wasn’t even able to finish the mini-cupcake they brought out, among a platter of cute treats. Clover ended up with an intense sugar-down phase, hence burrowing into Susan as we continued our day.

Fortunately we were able to recover and explore Noe Valley, Mission and Valencia; it’s been a while since we’ve been over in that area. We almost walked over to Japantown, but decided to detour towards BART once we’d made it back to Hayes Valley (via Valencia). Biggest surprise for me: Clover walked the entire way.

I also got three pairs of shoes. That is a big deal for me, because I suspect that I may have become the worst kind of sneaker head: the oblivious shoe elitist. Most of my life I’ve owned no more than two pairs of shoes at a time (the daily pair and the nice/backup pair). Now I am going on eight pairs, and most of them are color coordinated to specific outfits. I’d ask, “how’d it get like this?” but instead I’ll blame video games… gotta keep my toon looking good!

I am using this opportunity to start blogging again, and maybe it was hanging out with my best friends today, or scoring those dope shoes, but I gotta say it feels good to be journaling again. 😄

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