How the IRS Was Gutted — ProPublica

…The congressman also didn’t like Koskinen’s frequent quip that the budget cuts were really a “tax cut for tax cheats.”

“I don’t think that I would want to be a cheerleader, telling those people that don’t want to pay their taxes: ‘Hey, you know what? We are not going to be able to come after you,’” said Kelly, adding that “those comments are better kept internally.”

Koskinen replied with a speech he’d given many times before and would give again. A collapse in tax compliance was really possible, he said. People will catch on. He worried about the U.S. becoming Italy or Greece. “What I don’t want to do is have somebody later on say, ‘You never warned us,’” he told Congress. “This is your warning.”

Well this is terrifying.

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I heard about this from H&R Block accountants, they were gossiping in a cubical office space (I overheard). They seem really irritated, because it undermines their job. Which, hmmm, like the best part of it. But yeah, it will be inter-resting to see how this plays out.

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The tax prep/accounting industry should be undermined but not this way. Scary stuff.

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