I use Tiny Tiny RSS, you can too!

I’ve been using Tiny Tiny RSS for around 5 years now. It’s basically a self-hosted Google Reader.

The web experience is good, and there is also an Android client you can install via F-Droid which is really nice.

If anyone is interested in trying it out, I have it set up on www.rivendell.xyz. Feel free to use it! Note the update period for feeds is around every 2 hours.

Does anyone else read via RSS?

I do! I also use TT-RSS. I actually only use it as the backend for the Android app. I combine it with Wallabag, and I have a nice flow for capturing news and processing it. Because they are both simple PHP apps, I have them as sub-directories on the same domain (which is having SSL issues at the moment, so I won’t share :sweat:).

If you use the web interface, I recommend the Feedly theme, it is nice.

I host mine on this lame shared hosted, in that it doesn’t do cron jobs very well. So I actually lazyload my server, meaning it checks feeds when I ask it for new feeds. But that is okay, I am find being a little behind. :slight_smile:

Welp, I’ve given in on hosting these. Signed up for a premium account at NewsBlur. Each time I’ve updated TTRSS or Wallabag I’ve run into problem. Wallabag is great software, but it doesn’t have search, and it became a deep bucket with a backlog I couldn’t get to, and couldn’t filter easily.

TTRSS is also great, but when things break there is no where to turn. By all accounts the developer hates answering questions about the software, and even directs folks to a thread about the forum community being assholes. That person doesn’t owe me anything, and I’ve thankfully used the software for years, but I’ve had at least a dozen questions over that time that I sat on because I didn’t feel like signing up just to be harassed.

I don’t use apps from the Google Play market, so I was getting the TTRSS client from F-Droid. Not supported. But it only stops working when I update the server code. If I can’t bring that up and discuss it, then I just can’t use the server, either.

NewsBlur does a lot of things, and I will use almost none of them. I just want a server-based feed collector that I can sync an app to and quickly digest information from the channels that interest me. The code is MIT licensed and available. But I won’t ever have to think about that. :slight_smile: