Reading the RSS news over the network over the network over the network

So far I’ve been keeping it lean, mostly because all of that storage was actually cold; I wasn’t accessing it at all.

But! I’ve also gotten into using very basic commands and applications to get my work done. And a lot of them I am not even running on this computer.

For instance! I horde RSS items! But I decided to pump the brakes, and separate them into speeds.

I’m looking for jobs, and have a few other automated type feeds, so those are checked as needed, and processed almost immediately.

For peeps I know, I pay attention to them, and check as often as I can, as long I can actually pay attention. These are my peeps, I am going to read what they say, and think about it.

And then the rest. Interesting, no doubt! But do I need to read it every day? Instead of focusing on keeping up on headlines, I rarely sync these feeds until I have the time to focus. If I can’t focus, I’ll do something else, like drink tea or take a nap. When I want to learn and update, pay attention, then I will read the news.

All together, it means I don’t update feeds very often, and when I do I am fully focused on the task.

What that means for computing is to set recurring tasks for different categories, and actually using the time intentionally. It also means I don’t actually need my feeds or anything here, on my computer!

So I installed newsboat on the media server at home, and when I am ready to focus I ssh in and read the news. That also means I can be super-horde-y and keep all the feeds! Why? Because it is actually a nice research tool to have a text only representation of a corpus to search locally.

But you know I didn’t stop the geek there! Because then I’m also syncthing the directory I use to “save” articles, which is just a nice tidy text file containing the article in question. That means if I need a page for some reason, I hit save and it syncs over to my other devices. Great for those long reads I want to take with me on my tricorder mobile device. :slight_smile:

One nice thing about Newsblur (which I just stopped using despite being amazing and Sam is a great person, based on my personal experiences, so go use if you need someone to host an RSS reader for ya!) as a service is it being always on. So I never missed an article, regardless of how fast they spouted out.

One nice thing about newsboat is while I can script it to update, I’m not gonna. And because most sites use some finite number of feed items at any time, I will miss posts! Isn’t that great?

Because it doesn’t actually matter how much I’m getting, it matters how much I can meaningfully digest knowledge, and firehoses are not gonna help.

It also means that folks need to slow down if they have that issue with their own feeds, but also treat any given document on the net as an entry point, and ensure navigation and linking assists the users.

I probably still will, but I decided to make life easier on myself and set up this cron job:

0 */6 * * * /usr/bin/newsboat -x reload

Reload every six hours. Meh.

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