Ink is stuck in my fountain pen ✍🏽

Writing utensils count as tech, right? :face_with_monocle:

@maiki asked to test-drive my fountain pen, but then it leaked ink all over eir hand and e handed it back to me, so I could get ink all over my hand too. This is a case of user error, or user inattention–I’d put in an ink that has glitter particles and left it in too long. It writes pretty badly now, and I don’t know why the pen leaked ink into the cap. That’s why we kept getting ink on our fingers–ink was all over the inside of the cap, which meant ink stayed on the barrel as we uncapped it, and that’s right where we put our fingers to hold it to write.

I’ve flushed the pen nib+feed under the faucet, and drawn up and pushed out water through the nib+feed using the converter, but there are still tons of glittery particles visibly stuck in the feed. I’m currently soaking the nib+feed in water (in a yogurt cup) with a bit of dish detergent. We’ll see if there’s any change tomorrow.

Pen: LAMY Vista Fountain Pen - Fine Nib | JetPens with converter LAMY Z 28 Fountain Pen Converter | JetPens

Ink: (if i’m going to use this ink again, I’ll just use a dip pen, or a broad tip instead of the fine tip i have now)

Cleaning a fountain pen: How to Clean a Fountain Pen | JetPens

… wait, omg, I left a comment on that article almost a year ago and I didn’t know they responded. How to Clean a Fountain Pen | JetPens

wow. i was just reading that comment and thinking “this is JUST like my problem!” and then saw the response was to “judytuna” and i was loke WAIT WHAT

do we have a badge for forgetting your own post on another website and posting again? :shamrock:

Hmm, replacing a Lamy nib: How to Change a Lamy Fountain Pen Nib | JetPens

Troubleshooting a nib: Guide to Fountain Pen Nibs: Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks | JetPens i haven’t gotten to these steps yet


Absolutely! I think Slow Tech Support is for any support issue that can be handled online. So, um, no doulas.

I’m kidding! I actually love doulas! We had two! There was an earthquake the night my baby was born, we were in the hospital when the happened. In that scenario is would also be inappropriate for Slow Tech Support. I would use jabber, instead.

Aha! I’m actually relieved by this update; I was concerned that may have just been how they store, and I was gonna move forward, but I checked that off as something I’d have to live with. :blush:

Looking forward to it! Also, if we need another cartridge, I can just get that, too. It would be easier for me to still borrow your pen and try it out, and then I’ll be able to pick up a heavy one as I know I’m gonna lust after. :slight_smile:

They should have an email interface to their comments. I suggest Discourse!

No, but the phenomena has been discussed before! In fact, I know that both @russ and I have searched for answers and found them via search engines, on our own respective websites. :slight_smile:

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I’ve decided I’m going to resist buying new things while there are so many things already out here, ready to use. So I’m checking in on the pen. :slight_smile:

If it is dry, I’d like to come over and try to fill and use it. Whatcha think?

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Catfish black, to start. Flax is having a pen faire next month, so we’ll go back and try different inks, including a quick drying ink for left-handers.

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i’d been looking at noodler’s ink too! it shows up regularly in jetpens guides, and they did a writeup of the brand: Noodler's Fountain Pen Inks: A Comprehensive Guide | JetPens

how is the pen writing? if it’s still scratchy, i wonder if i’ve damaged the nib.

i like to write very small, so i tend to get very fine-tipped pens. pretty sure that lamy is a fine (or extra-fine). fountain pens with broad tips feel more smooth, though, so the next one i get (if i ever get one again) will be broad. broad tips also show off the ink better if it’s pearlescent or glittery.

or so i’ve read on jetpens. =D

@maiki you tend to write big, so i wonder if you’d prefer a broad nib.

what are more of your thoughts? i love n00b thoughts!

I write big, but quickly and prefer fine lines. It is not scratchy, I think you cleaned all the ink out and it works great!

I can position it to get different lines, but for just writing it is fine. When I took that photo it was just after filling it, so having used it the afternoon, it writes the same as my other nice pens, which is thrilling.

For those following at home, I am switching to ink pens to combat waste; I write so often I throw a couple ink cartridges away, single use items sent to a landfill.

I now have a pen and a glass bottle. I doubt I’ll ever have the chance to recycle it (I also have hoarding homeschooly types at my place). :slight_smile:

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