judy's ink refill and practice log

muji syringe-enabled cartridge refill: j. herbin perle noir
twsbi broad piston fill: j. herbin ocean bleu
platinum preppy eyedropper conversion: pilot wild grapes

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Oh, please post pics of those! :slight_smile:

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ok! @maiki, you would love TWSBI pens. you gotta check out this piston fill. it’s so pretty. and cool. no converter needed. can hold so much ink!

i like being a beginner. it feels like when i’m using a new language or library and i’m looking at the documentation and fucking around, like when i found out about monkeypatching in ruby and changed + to subtract. it was at the end of an sf ruby meetup in like 2011 and the senior dev whose computer’s terminal i was running irb on was like “you know i’ve never actually tried that before”

i enjoy learning. i also enjoy learning by testing the boundaries of things. once in a casual peer haskell class they said “if you run this, it will go on forever so don’t do that” so i immediately did and the person behind me who could see my computer busted out laughing. i live for this shit.


you can see from the picture that the last time i used my pilot parallel 2.4mm with this paper pad was in december!

and that we just played multiplayer commander lol

my opsec is v. bad

this is a page from a 2016 hobonichi weeks planner. it’s in the freeform section at the back of the book just after notes dated 7/6/16. it is a pen collection page.

let’s play “where are they now?” now.

the pilot petit1 is lost. i really liked the blue-black, though.

the zebra mini-pen has a blue metallic body. i just refilled it a month ago with a refill i found stashed away in another location. it’s in my pink standup case on my shelf.

the minna red tiny pen was also just refilled with a wonderful refill i found. it writes super smoothly. i carry this pen in my wallet with me everywhere i go.

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took a while but here they are!

image image

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kaweco liliput with the cartridge it came with!

cursive practice because clover wants to practice (soon) too! then i got tired after i. taking a break.

glass dip pen by j. herbin! i got the crazy twisty one because i thought i’d snap the thinner one in my hand.

i like the extremes here. one pen is portable and practical and very durable and tiny. the other is enormous and fragile and totally not practical at all.

finally, j. herbin rouge hematite ink. i guess i like a brand. haha!

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since i can’t focus, here is brush lettering!

here is a “thin on the up, thick on the down” drill with a variation i haven’t tried before–starting with a very thin upstroke, slowly increasing the thickness of it til you stop in the middle and switch to downstroke starting at medium pressure, then increasing pressure til you end the line with a very thick downstroke.

practice single strokes and shapes before moving to letters

today i learned a few things:

  • it goes way better if i go way slower
  • the transitions between down and up are hard! but it’s ok, just keep trying
  • i’m actually very surprised at how the shapes came out
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for inspiration: 6 Blending Techniques for Hand Lettering :shamrock: