How to get the last ink in the well?

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So lately I’ve been having to tip the jar while filling the pen, which is not easy! Still, I’m able to fill the pen, and haven’t opened the second jar yet. But I’ve begun to think… what am I going to do with the ink in the jar I can’t reach?

Does one combine it with the new ink? Does that matter? Also… I’ve never “cleaned” my pen, but use it constantly (more than my laptop); is cleaning necessary if I use and refill it habitually?

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Combine it with the new ink when you have room in the jar. If it’s the same color, there shouldn’t be a problem. Unless you want purple. Combining red and blue ink works well. :sunglasses:


Oh, well then I’m definitely opening the new one! If they can mix, I can put that on easy mode. :slight_smile:

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