judy hacks

“hacks” here is a noun, not a verb. this is meant more as a log of hacks that work on judy, not the hacks on other things that judy has performed. haha.

coffee improves my mood.

caffeine withdrawal could cause headaches, but hacks for this exist:

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gamification of real-life tasks in the form of pet-collecting in Habitica really works for me. so does the social aspect of a Habitica party, where missing dailies will dock my friends’ characters’ health, not just my own.

if i think of something as a game, it greatly improves my chances of doing it.

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when my friends say “ok let’s start at 4,” i say “please tell me 2 so i get there at 4:30” and they say “oh judy, we know you, yes” and that seems a little bad because i’m foisting being their sister’s keeper on them. my friends are loving and generous so they are still friends with me but i have to admit that i’m rude sometimes.

this hack is rude. i need to find a better hack, but i also have to do it in stages.

one could be: set all my clocks 2 hours fast. no that’s not a good idea. just five minutes helps. (i’ve tried longer, like twenty minutes fast, but then i just remember and subtract the time; five minutes is short enough that i forget it’s fast. another hack for this hack is to not do every clock, so i always wonder “wait is this one of the fast clocks or normal clocks?” which forces me to treat it like a normal clock.)

another hack could be: i write it down in my calendar two hours early, and not foist it on my friends to care for me.

no, i have to break this down into two:

  • write it down two hours early (or maybe just half an hr early)