Just Cause 3?!

Just Cause 3 is out! But I am only 27.4 GB / 38.5 GB! Argh, I should have preloaded all day!

I was lucky, I discovered I had Just Cause earlier this year, and then discovered the majesty that is Just Cause 2, which was so much better than the first game, mechanics-wise.

Imagine GTA, where your default star rating is 4, and you basically see how much you can crank it to six, in order to further the story. Yes, that is this game. :slight_smile:

You can look at all kinds of spoiler-ish gameplay trailers, but I feel the teaser trailer caught the spirit of the game the best, with this excellent cover:


Anyone play this franchise? This latest release is the first game I’ve pre-ordered in… at least a decade. What was the last one… Warcraft 3? Wow.

This is a great game, but wow was it short. I mean, there are like 100 cities/outposts/military bases to explore/explode/rock, but I was able to complete the game and get all the collectibles in about two weeks.

That is a testament to how well balanced the mechanics and map is, though, because I spent about 8 times as many game hours on JC2, and I only go to about 80% complete.

There are a handful of Steam achievements left for me to get, but they are really grindy, and I doubt I will complete them. At this point I am just gonna wait for some insane community mod… :slight_smile:

Just Cause 1 & 2 are both in the humble bundle right now. I might have to pick them up!

I haven’t played any Just Cause. It looks like shameless fun though.

I would pick them up. Would you care for some spoiler-free pointers? There are things about the mechanics and completion goals that I wished I had known when I started playing.

Ooh, yes definitely I would appreciate them.

For Just Cause 1:

  • Vehicles can be a mess, and the game wasn’t patched to be fixed, so try to get through car chases as quickly as possible, but stick to other means of flight
  • Helicopters can be hijacked! I didn’t know this for most of the game, and was a major pain in my ass, so keep this in mind. You have to grapple to it, and enter the stunt position in order to enter, so it isn’t all that easy, but it is better than the alternative.
  • Parasailing is almost always faster as a form of travel, though many places have a helicopter somewhere.
  • Looking at the map, there are many, many places to conquer. Ignore this impulse! Play what you must to further the story, and no more. There is plenty of game play, but this game is a little too big to stay fun.

Just Cause 2:

  • Same deal, play the missions you have to. There is a fun story here, but they just put in a huge amount of sandbox, and it doesn’t add anything after a few hours in.
  • Don’t worry about picking up resource drops scattered around the map. These are for upgrading vehicles and weapons, but there are more than the maximum you can hold in the world, and you will soon find the few weapons and vehicles you prefer to use the whole time.
  • JC2 supports a game controller, which I fount to be way more intuitive than keyboard and mouse.

Just Cause in general:

  • Always take out AA guns, even if you are on foot. Chances are, you won’t be for long.
  • When in doubt/full of bullets, grapple the hell out of there!
  • Planting C4 isn’t suspicious (!!), so think before starting an event.
  • Use headphones, so you can get all the explosions and one-liners; that is a major part of the game! :slight_smile: