Justice Dept to end use of private prisons

Wow! This is great!


There is far, far too much incarceration happening in the US, but with the private sector getting shoved out of prisons, maybe normal humans will be able to change some laws to reduce the number of unnecessary laws causing arrest.

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Yeah, because then we will have less lobbyist competing with prison reform, which is the primary issue with private prisons (they have incentive to keep themselves in business, despite the human misery).

I am sure you know that @tim, I am just commenting in case others stumble upon this thread and don’t know why private prisons are bad.

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Oh, and it should be pointed out that it only applies to federal prisons, of which there are 13 private facilities. But it is good precedent, and this will rally prison reformists for sure!

Yeah! I am hopeful states will follow suit.