Kickstarter profiles: whatcha got?

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Wow, I was surprised that I have almost twice as many backs as you, @tim! I… I may have a problem. :slight_smile:

Notably, I back more tabletop games, while you are about video games. Despite that, I currently have 333 in Steam, but those are mostly from Humble Bundles.

I think the only overlap between us is Fate, though we both backed separate Erstwhile projects. Because that’s us. :slight_smile:

I am supremely jealous of your filled-in color wheel showing you have backed all types of projects.

It is funny about me backing mostly video games, because by the time the rewards started coming in, my gaming PC is not able to play most of them. I get by on my work MacBook Pro, but that limits a lot of what I can play. Once we move somewhere that would have a place for a gaming PC, I will probably build a new rig.

Ah yes Erstwhile. :smile: Her newest comic Love Not Found is pretty good too.

Okay, there is a story there. I actually filled in all color slices, intentionally, in a couple days. :slight_smile:

I think I supported a dance coop, and bought some gawd-awful coffee cubes (you drop cubes into hot water and it makes coffee, @susan said they were horrible. I was gaming the system, I got the color wheel, and some random projects got support for being in that slice. Win/win/win (with a partial loss on that coffee cubes).

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ah, that makes sense. Maan, now I want to do that too. Unlock the rainbow wheel!

I saw that coffee cube project in your list, and definitely… I can imagine how that coffee must taste. It’s a neat idea though.

Wow! Here’s my Kickstarter profile!

And here’s my Indiegogo profile: xD

We should have a way to see all projects in common with another contributor!

Also, be able to see contributions without logging in… =P

Oh! Yes, I’d like that too.