Make candles

I’ve been getting more into candles, but the packaging on these things is horrible. I need to find a place to pick up sheets of wax, roll my own.

How Westworld of you! :smile:

Whoa, I haven’t seen second season, but now I’m gonna read into all the candles!

I used to make candles with my coven, they are super easy, and make for relaxing times in the evening. Good for writing!

I’ve been visiting local grocery stores and am happy to find many carry locally sources bee’s wax candles, in various shapes and sizes. I still want to make some, because Clover is gonna absolutely love it!

Okay, a long tapered candle is a triangle! You roll it, the bottom is fatter than the top. You press the wick down the “long” side, but if you add a strip of wax to the angle, it creates a stripe when you roll it! You can add one or two colors without making it too thick to roll.

I like to think of this as something between Wicca and Martha Stewart: the magic is mundane, in that when we assert control over our environment, we are capable of forming the experience we need. What I need is to often sit, quiet and still, gazing at a small secured flame while my body and mind unravels the cognitive chains holding me awake.

In such a space, my understanding of “me” and “not me” becomes fuzzy. It is when my mind becomes magical, the shared human experience of delusion and fatigue. With a snap of my wrist the flame is extinguished, and I fall into my bed’s embrace.

This isn’t a trend. It is a ritual, tried and true. I find it essential.

hey, would you like to quest on this together sometime soon?

cole hardware on college has a whole endcap-shelf devoted to candlemaking.

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Yeah! Let’s go over there when next its not raining.

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