Making a website: let's get meta a sec

Hahahaha, I can do whatever I want! And what I want is a meta-discussion for the “making a website” project!

Folks are always telling me I should write a book. Seriously! I doubt folks would believe such a claim, because I consider it like, the highest compliment! And it isn’t even on one subject, like “maiki: a fucked up life!”. Lots of things!

And I’ve considered. I think, hey, maybe, just maybe, being interesting enough to want to be read about is somehow correlated with the ability to write well and somehow, um, do publishing industry stuff. Because I’m not going to self-publish a book everyone just told me I had to write. That is arrogance.

Oh, but I worked in the publishing industry for a while. And of course it sucks. And like, what even is a book? I mean, most times I am reading an epub I wish I could just point to a section online so I could discuss and if books haven’t gotten that far, what is the purpose of books? They are less and less useful as our minds turn to a digitized experience in our every day lives.

And also, books as entertainment are a form of intellectual capitalism. Listen, I’m not :100: on this, but it feels like there is something there. Every time I look up “word count {novel|light novel|novella|anthology|short story}” you find a history of arbitrary monetary decisions behind formats.

So screw it, I’m gonna write whatever it is that comes after books. Um, knowledge pods! Sure. KP4LIFE!

And I am starting with something that takes up a lot of my mind every day (the web), via the process of “making a website”.

I don’t even know when we’ll get to anything technical. I still have a lot to wax poetic about before jumping onto HTML.

And as I am doing this here, everyone is invited to participate. I’d like to hear about other folks’ experiences. I’d very much like to be challenged by alternative points of view, because I plan to deep dive, and I’m not looking to be gentle. I want to draw the line in the sand, so I need to know where that goes. :slight_smile: