Marriage is *like* a valid ID

On Wednesday Susan and I picked up a rental car for what I am calling Babyshowergeddon. As usual, Susan makes the reservation and I am added as a driver. So, when we go in to add me, the person working there says, “I just need to see a driver license, unless you are married”.

Wha wha wha?

Of course I couldn’t let that go, “Uh, why is that?”

“We don’t need to see a license if you are married. I guess it is because according to the State of California married couples are, um, one. Or something. I don’t really know. I don’t make the rules, and that is a weird one.”

Well, to their credit, they don’t actually make the rules. If only people who made rules had to be on the ground, enforcing them.

I am not sure where that policy comes from, but to summarize: Enterprise in California has a policy where an adult can be added as a driver one of their cars if they have a valid driver license or they are married to the person renting the car.

I wonder if they would have asked for a marriage certificate?

One more reason poly marriages would never be accepted, imagine the confusion and lack of document checking!