March 11, 2019

Work is pretty bog standard today. Been putzing around slowly going through SQL tutorials.

Trying to get my car to pass all it’s DMV inspections today. I dropped it off at an auto place near where I work this morning; and they are looking at it now-ish.

This is usually a bit of an elaborate dance with my car. Even though everything related to the O2 and Mass AirFlow systems has been replaced multiple times, the computer intermittently throws errors about the oxygen/fuel mix. Its an error which might not be real. Getting it to pass inspection usually means getting it to an inspection station while it’s behaving.

(Hypothetically a $2000 dollar rewiring job on my car might solve the problem; but it can’t be guaranteed even at that price. My car is otherwise not symptomatic of any issue and is otherwise a decent car.)

This year I invested in a $10 OBDII bluetooth adapter, and ive used that in conjunction with my phone to try and predict when my car is bheaving, before I dropped it off for inspection.

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today i am still congested and feeling bad. stayed home from work for the sixth day in a row. went to the dr for a swollen ball of foot (it started yesterday and i can’t put weight on it and kept waking me up). since there was no injury (and i haven’t left the apt for over a week), the dr suspects it’s gout, because that big toe joint is the most common for gout attacks, anf they’re known for just happening out of nowhere. she prescribed me a steroid as an anti-inflammatory and a narcotic for pain. drugs make me feel weird dude lol

yo i am not having a good time haha

sometimes it feels like no one is. yes, life is hard and stuff, and yes everybody dies, and everybody has or has people in their life with cancer, and everybody is racist and sexist and commits violence of the physical and emotional kind all the time to everyone and stuff. but like damn it’s a lot

alexandria ocasio-cortez looks like she’s having a good time sometimes maybe tho


Played about an hour of Shining Force. So far I’m just surprised by how good it is. Did… did CRPGs get worse over time?

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