May 5, 2019

i spontaneously wake. that sentence looks wrong. i worry a little about this medication. logging is good.

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I laughed at this because I’m 5 years old.


i just laughed out loud involuntarily and did not have to stop and cough for 90 seconds! this is good progress!

butts are universally hilarious!

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Listening to church.

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I kicked my broken toe into the couch and it sucks. :frowning:

Whoa, when did it detach?!


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Ive had some intermittent issues with my car for years; and they flared up again this past week.

Its refusing to start at high environmental temperatures but not only intermittently; and only if left alone in the HEAT for 4+ hours. But if cranked by a mechanic periodically throughout a warm/hot day is fine.

Its basically the perfect storm of symptoms to regularly strand me at work; without actually being easy to isolate.

The frequency by which it does this is going up to the point where I dont think its going to have much utility at all come June or July.

I spent a considerable amount of cash trying to correct it this past week, but the problem demonstrated itself again this weekend.

Im getting my ducks in a row to try and drastically accelerate my plan to buy a used plugin hybrid. I had hoped this current car would last one more year; but I don’t think it will.

I find all things car related very stressfull. Im probably going to be gnashing my teeth on this for a week or two.